Brent Ruiz

Founder and internet marketing specialist since 2006

I am an entrepreneur with 12 years experience building businesses and working with clients in the healthcare, internet marketing, digital media, video game, automotive and real estate industries.

In the social media world, I’ve worked on one of the largest online video properties in the world, BroadbandTV. The company owns several brands targeting different audiences, many of which I managed, resulting in significant growth of engagement levels and reach, reaching viral success several times. I took one of the company’s brands, TGN, from 500,000 Google+ followers to over 3 million.

No social media manager’s skill set is complete without mastering today’s incredibly powerful online advertising tools. I am adept with creating and managing advertising campaigns using Facebook/Instagram ads, Twitter ads and Google ads.

I have ten years experience in internet marketing utilizing search engine optimization, and more recently, helping companies increase sales with ease using a combination of today’s powerful advertising tools with e-commerce, social media, SEO and content marketing.

In 2010, I launched a video game media company which went on to become one of the industry’s most reputable journalistic outlets. Over the span of four years, we helped hundreds of talented people with a passion for gaming and journalism get their start in the electronic sports (esports, or competitive video gaming) media industry. Many of those who came through our doors are now working full-time jobs in the esports industry for media organizations like ESPN, Blizzard Entertainment, TBS and ESL.

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